Boxed Meals

denotes a vegetarian dish.
GF denotes a gluten-free dish.


Pacific Rim Noodles with Shrimp

marinated and grilled shrimp on a bed of noodles with red and green peppers, Asian cut carrots, snow peas, scallions in an hoisin-ginger sauce, served with coconut squares

$1695 per person


Salmon Niçoise

salmon with haricot vert, new potatoes, red onion, hard-boiled egg, Niçoise olives and red and yellow peppers in a French vinaigrette accompanied by knot rolls and lemon bars

$1795 per person


Memphis BBQ Salmon

salmon glazed with a Memphis barbecue sauce, accompanied by Dijon slaw and creamy potato salad, served with pecan tarts

$1895 per person


The Plains

mesquite-grilled Colorado London broil encrusted with black tellicherry peppercorns, with terra chips, three cheese tortellini salad, and peanut butter cookies

$1895 per person



roulade of beef filet stuffed with scallions, marinated in garlic, ginger and soy with baby corn, bok choy, jasmine rice and seaweed salad with raspberry linzer bars

$1795 per person


Beef BBQ

sliced flank steak in an ancho chili barbecue sauce served with corn salad, roasted potatoes and green beans acccompanied by apple crumb squares

$1795 per person



Italian delicacies to include fresh mozzarella, provolone, roasted red peppers, prosciutto, capicola, Calabrese salami, olives, marinated artichokes and tomatoes served with crostinis and miniature cannolis

$1395 per person


Mesquite Grill

mesquite-grilled chicken breast marinated in fresh herbs, and served with asparagus spears, penne pescadoro and chocolate  nut brownies

$1695 per person


Caesar Delight

grilled chicken on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce, topped with Parmesan cheese, garlic brioche croutons and a classic Caesar dressing, served with miniature knot rolls and macaroons

$1450 per person



Mediterranean spiced chicken breast, with tomato and cucumber salad, mixed olives , feta cheese and grilled pita chips with almond and honey bars

$1650 per person


Windows Cobb Salad

spiced breast of chicken, crisp bacon, crumbled Roque River blue cheese, hard-boiled egg, ripe avocado and tomato with creamy ranch dressing, served with corn bread and homemade cheesecake squares

$1475 per person


Sandwich Boxed Meals

sandwich of your choice served with picnic potato salad, marinated green beans and raspberry cream puffs

$1595 per person


Tofu Primavera      V

sliced tofu grilled with fresh herbs, tossed with green onion and cilantro-harissa dressing, served with tabbouleh and tomato-cucumber salad, and accompanied by assorted fruit tarts

$1495 per person


Middle Eastern Sampler    V

hummus, tabbouleh, raisin couscous, dolmas, olives, feta, and red peppers, served with grilled pita chips and baklava

$1350 per person