world BBQ


* These items require at least one hour to warm when using a chafing dish. Please discuss heating instructions when placing your order.


Backyard Picnic

all American hamburgers and hot dogs accompanied by ketchup, mustard and relish; platters of lettuce, tomatoes and red onions; served with fresh hamburger and hot dog rolls

  • new potato and green bean salad
  • chop house salad
  • strawberry shortcake

$1495 per person



Korean barbequed beef short ribs in an Asian pear, toasted garlic and sesame soy marinade with seasoned spinach and bean sprouts

  • jasmine rice
  • ginger nut salad
  • mango cheesecake squares

$1695 per person


China Garden

Chinese BBQ pork ribs marinated in five spice, hoisin sauce, soy, garlic and sherry

  • steamed sesame rice
  • Chinese broccoli
  • shanghai salad
  • passionfruit cheesecake

$1595 per person


Sweet Carolina

slow roasted pork shoulder in South Carolina mustard BBQ sauce served with soft potato buns

  • corn salad
  • vinegar slaw
  • sliced fresh fruit

$1495 per person


Kansas City Here I Come

whole pieces of grilled chicken tossed in Kansas City sweet and spicy sauce, served with BBQ spaghetti

  • cheesy corn bake
  • baked potato salad
  • assorted cupcakes

$1450 per person