Reception Platters

denotes a vegetarian dish.
GF denotes a gluten-free dish.


Trio of Shrimp     GF

traditional shrimp cocktail, Mediterranean grilled shrimp, and steamed Old Bay-spiced shrimp with lemon wedges, cocktail sauce,
and spicy mustard

$725 per person


Assorted California and Vegetable Roll Platter

served with pickled ginger, wasabi
and soy sauce

$850 per person


Herb Roasted Filet of Beef

with crisp vegetable chips, mini knot rolls, and a trio of sauces: roasted red pepper aioli, mustard and horseradish cream

$19500 per tenderloin / serves 15-20 guests


California Pinwheels

rolled tortilla wraps sliced in pinwheels with the following fillings:

turkey, Havarti cheese, and garlic aioli

ham and swiss with honey mustard

bacon, lettuce, and tomato with mayonnaise

$595 per person


Asian Satay Display

char-grilled shrimp, chicken and beef satays marinated in Asian spices, served on wok-fried noodles, with spicy peanut and Hoisin-plum dipping sauces

$650 per person


Italian Feast

artfully arranged Italian delicacies to include fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, Calabrese salami, olives, marinated artichokes, and tomatoes, accompanied by crostinis and breadsticks

$650 per person


Duo of Hummus     V

  • roasted red pepper
  • jalapeño

$395 per person


Creamy Spinach Dip in Harvest Bread Bowl V

hollowed-out bread round with homemade spinach dip, accompanied by carrots, celery, and an assortment of flatbreads for dipping

$495 per person


Santa Fe Terrine     V

layered dip of guacamole, salsa, Monterey Jack cheese, tomatoes, jalapeños, and sour cream served with blue and white corn tortilla chips

$3995 per terrine, serves 20 guests


Tri-Color Tortilla Chips     V

with roasted tomato salsa, guacamole, and sour cream

$325 per person


Middle Eastern Medley     V

hummus, tabbouleh, raisin couscous, olives, feta, and red peppers, served with a basket of toasted pita chips

$595 per person


Seasonal Basket of Crudité     V, GF

with garden herb dip

$3200 small, serves 10-15- guests

$6000 large, serves 20-30 guests


hot platters*


 * These items require at least one hour to warm when using a chafing dish. Please discuss heating instructions when placing your order.


Maryland Crab Dip

with crisp herbed French bread toasts

$675 per person


Crab, Brie and Artichoke Dip

with assorted flat breads and crackers

$695 per person


Grilled Cheese Deluxe

sandwich bites with assorted fillings to include
lobster with fontina cheese
croque monsieur: ham and Swiss cheese with béchamel sauce
Vermont cheddar cheese and vine ripe tomato

$625 per person



flaky pastry crescents filled with beef, vegetables or chicken, served with tomato salsa

$595 per person


Dim Sum

an assortment of traditional Chinese dim sum to include shrimp dumplings, gao pao chicken buns and vegetable wontons, accompanied by soy sauce and spicy roasted chili sauce

$795 per person


Chicken Tenders Platter

choose from traditional, Cajun style, coconut or sesame-crusted served with honey mustard, ancho chili or barbecue dipping sauces.

$850 per person


Wings Over Buffalo     GF

plump chicken wings prepared in a zesty Buffalo-style sauce, accompanied by celery and carrot sticks with blue cheese dressing

$695 per person


Trio of Diamonds V

spinach, mushroom and brie and leek assorted quiche diamonds with flaky crust filled with creamy custard

$650 per person


Bruschetta V

tomato and mozzarella bruschetta served with herbed bread rounds

$375 per person