Featured in SmartCeo

Windows Catering Company’s CEO Andrew Gerstel was featured in the December issue of SmartCeo. In an article titled “The A Team” local business executives talk about building their teams and what they learned in the process.

Time for Teamwork: As the company has grown, we had a good management team in place but looked internally for highly motivated, loyal employees with a passion for the catering industry and tried to match their skill set with leadership positions. By having a cohesive team, with all of us understanding division and focusing on customer service, providing a quality product and developing strong relationships with everyone from food purveyors to vendor partners and our customers, we are able to see growth.

Lessons learned: Good communicators are important. We have a lot of detail and we manage a lot of minutia, so we like people who are detail oriented and have good strategic minds. We try to expose new managers to every facet of our business so they understand their colleagues’ roles. Some cross-training is done in case they need to fill a secondary role. Each department is so dependent upon another that it’s important that they’re a cohesive team with a common vision.

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